About us

AIC is an international conference agenda led by BEM Universitas Airlangga under the ministry of external relations that aims to increase knowledge quality globally through a conference agenda. The Airlangga International Conference (AIC) is a well-organized forum for young leaders to express their desire to propose solutions to problems that the international community is facing. Today, the globe is still dealing with the aftermath of a global pandemic. Gender equality, climate change and displacement, and economic growth are still hotly debated topics around the world. In the middle of this situation, a solution is required. AIC aims to raise awareness among young leaders in order to re-knit SDG builders on a global scale. AIC is intended to encourage young leaders to be concerned about global issues in order to better the lives of many people in the future. We hope to build a competitive environment through AIC in which young leaders compete to contribute ideas and inspiration to break the cycle of global problems.

Our purpose

AIC is a large-scale international event aimed at allowing adolescent ideas to be developed collaboratively so that they might be implemented in the lives of many people. AIC not only connects them to the local network, but it also connects them to the worldwide network.

Core values

AIC is the perfect agenda for young leaders who want to improve their academic integrity, conscience-based diplomacy, and effectively produce ideas to make young leaders aware of the necessity of caring for the planet. AIC creates a competitive learning environment to encourage young people to compete for solutions.


AIC aspires to develop talented young leaders who will use the SDGs' values in order to make the world a better place.


AIC is dedicated to developing young leaders who are conscious of and accountable for social, economic, and environmental challenges.

What Is AIC.

Student executive of Airlangga University is Initiated to create a platform for the youth generation all around the world to give better solutions regarding the global issues. By “Empowering Youths” Readiness for Multidimensional Solution In Post-Pandemic Through SDG”s.

What will we do on AIC?.

AIC will conduct many activities such as Welcome Party, Opening Ceremony and International Webinar, Paper Conference, Cultural Show. AIC is held online because the Covid-19 Pandemic is not over yet.

  • Welcome Party and Technical Meeting: Welcoming and giving a positive message from AIC to the delegates and explain to them about the activities that must be followed during the AIC. We also want to introduce our proud campus: Universitas Airlangga to the world.
  • Opening Ceremony and International Webinar: Official event and signal that AIC activities have opened. The international webinar will be filled in according to the existing chambers, such as climate change, economic growth, and gender equality.
  • Paper Conference: Paper conference is an activity where delegate participants will present the papers they make in accordance with the theme that has been determined. The main course of our paper conference are writing paper competition, paper presentation, focus group discussion, joint final statement and proceeding.
  • Cultural Show: Indonesia well known as having a cultural diversity in the world. In this cultural show event, we try to package the cultural diversity in Indonesia with the aim of enriching the insight of Indonesian culture to the world.

Why Do We Need To Join AIC?.

The International Conference of three continents that is Africa, Asia, and Europe is a golden opportunity to Improve the leadership skills of youth generations, increase youth awareness on global issues, to motivate youth generation to excel in the international area, strengthen foreign student relations, and introduce Indonesian culture in the international area.