Grand theme

“Empowering Youths Readiness for Multidimensional Solutions in Post-Pandemic Through SDGs”

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are global goals planned and agreed by world leaders around the world including Indonesia. The SDGs contain 17 global goals and 169 targets that are planned to be achieved by 2030. Indonesia is one of the leading actors who drive the movement of the goals and also facilitate the society to contribute in fulfilling the global goals with their competencies especially the youth. The youth or we call them as the agent of change must be the vanguard of this movement because youth generations are the future leading actors in the next global era. The Covid-19 pandemic had hit the world hard in many aspects, so our job is to make sure the youth will be ready with their creative and strategic thought to solve and salvage the post-pandemic era in the years to come. SDGs must be our main goals with the youth as the vanguard with their multidimensional solutions and movements in the world so the goals can be fulfilled in 2030.

SDGs 5 Gender Equality

“Women everywhere have called time on one of the most egregious examples of gender inequality: violence perpetrated by powerful men against women who are simply trying to do their jobs.” (Guterres, 2020). Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced women to work at home and be at the forefront of helping the economy. But in fact, acts of discrimination still exist and will remain if there are no appropriate measures and policies to emancipate their rights. With this sub-theme, participants are expected to be able to provide their arguments regarding policies or actions that can reduce or eliminate gender-based discrimination.

SDGs 8 Economic Growth

The economy is one of the essential aspects of every country. This aspect has a significant role in developing other elements, such as socio-cultural, political, and so on. The Covid-19 pandemic has become one of the obstacles and challenges for every country in developing its economy, both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Regrettably, efforts to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus have hampered economic activity and resulted in increasingly rampant public poverty. Economic growth in every country during this pandemic did not increase in percentage or even decrease. With this sub-theme, participants are expected to be able to provide their arguments regarding the proper steps to increase sustainable economic growth during this pandemic and beyond.

SDGs 13 Climate Action

The state of the world's climate before and during COVID-19 was not much different because it only reduced a few percent of global emissions and had no significant impact on the world. The COVID-19 pandemic cannot be said to be "Good" because it has proven that the world has been able to reduce its emission levels or "Bad" because it has caused other impacts such as the accumulation of mask waste. In fact, climate problems will always exist whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic exists and will even get worse over the next 5 and 10 years. Therefore, with this sub-theme, participants can be given the widest space to present their arguments to be able to provide solutions related to climate change in the world with a clear goal of providing the best future for the next generation.